Frequently Asked Questions

faq-process-serverWhy do I need a Registered process server?
A registered process server is licensed and bonded with the State of California. We are knowledgeable in the state laws and our legal limits. We are experienced in handling services to hostile parties and those who are difficult to serve.

faq-us-serve-mapCan you serve papers outside of California?
Yes, because we are members of N.A.P.P.S. (National Association of Professional Process Servers), we have affiliate offices throughout the United States and Canada. We can handle any service anywhere!

faq-find-someoneCan you help me locate someone?
Yes, we specialize in locating individuals with two levels of search options. Level one includes postal checks, telephone and criss-cross directory searches and a nationwide Internet locator search. Level two involves the services of a private investigator.

faq-medical-recordsAm I able to obtain a copy of my medical records?
Yes, your medical records can be obtained through Attorney’s Certified Services with a written authorization or subpoena for the doctor or hospital to release the records.

Why should I use an Eviction Service? faq-eviction-bakersfield
The advantage of using an eviction service is professionals are handling your case. You’ll be secure knowing we handle hundreds of evictions a year for property owners all over our valley.

Court messenger services in Bakersfield, CA and Kern County How does your Court Messenger Service work?
Our Court Messenger Service consists of a daily pick up at your office and then delivery to all Kern County Courts, Hall of Records and County Administrative offices. We pride ourselves in being the best messenger service in Bakersfield.

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